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Laser Engraved

Standard Engraved name badges use a two ply acrylic.  We laser engrave through the cap color which exposes the core color.  We have approximately 70 color combinations to choose from.

At this time we are not set-up to do the design on line.  Please send you art files to orders@rubberstampplace.com.  Acceptable files for great results are images saved from the original Vector Based layouts (such as CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator).  All text should be converted to outlines.  If you only have bit-mapped files, they should be 300 dpi, preferably  better, in true single bit Black and White.  We can accept CorelDRAW files (up to version 2021) or Adobe Illustrator files (up to version CC2020), .pdf files and most all bit-mapped formats.  If you only have grey scale or color images we may be able to vectorize them for a small graphics fee.  Name lists should be in Excel or Tab Delineated Text (.txt) with separate columns for each line of text.  For example, if first and last names are to appear on one line, then they should be in the same column.  If the first name is to appear above the last name, then they should each be in separate columns.  Make sure the columns are in order left to right in relationship to their position on the badge, reading from top to bottom.

Minimum charge is $15 for one badge, multiples of two or more are discounted.  There may also be a set-up charge depending on the layout.  We would inform you of any set-up charges as soon as we see the project.

The picture shown here illustrates a standard engraved badge.