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About Us

Begun in 1982, Personalize It was originally called S&P Rubber Stamps & Engraving.  Our original equipment consisted of a rubber vulcanizing system with about 40 different sets of lead type, and a New Hermes Pantograph engraver, both heavily used!

In 1988 we changed the name to Personalize It, and purchased our first Mac computer.  We also switched our stamp die manufacturing process to using polymers rather than the "old fashioned" rubber.  This process greatly sped up production, and made it possible to make a stamp from any image that was 100% black against a pure white, originally called a PMT!  Polymers made the work easy, but we discovered it was not a good material to use with oil or solvent based inks.  In a search for a cure to this problem, we discovered the CO2 laser!

In 1984 we purchased our first CO2 laser, a 25 watt wonder!  From that time forward, we have created all our stamp dies using CO2 lasers, which deliver the highest quality stamp dies possible.  We batch engrave a sheet of stamp dies and then hand cut them tight to the edges of the impression area.  This hand trimming makes it so you shouldn't get those ugly black smudges in the corners when you use your stamp.

Since that first laser purchase, we now have 6 lasers in operation, from 35 watt machines to 120 watts, consisting of both CO2; and Fiber lasers.  No longer a simple stamp manufacture, we have become well know as engravers of almost any product you need personalized.  Always feel free to give us a call on any engraving you may need!  We will do what ever we can to make it happen for you!